Bound Feet Blues strides into London’s West End

I am super excited to report that we are taking Bound Feet Blues to London’s West End for a showcase performance in October!

I will be performing the full 75 mins version – for one night only – as a work-in-progress showcase at the Tristan Bates Theatre on Mon 13 Oct 2014 @8pm. This will present the full story, building on the draft extract that I tried out at Conway Hall in March and will take the piece to its full conclusion.

If you came along Conway Hall, you saw the piece end with me on my knees in defeat, with my heart as Continue reading

What about these studded and strapped biker boots – would you wear these?

To counter balance the pic of high heel shoes I posted recently – which are not really shoes I’d wear these days – what about this pair of studded and strapped biker boots for women?


Would you wear these?

I surely would love a pair!

Though I’m not sure about the spikes in the toes and around the rim which could do my pals some damage if I crossed my legs and accidentally grazed their shins under the cafe table as we sip our lattes…

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Would you wear these?

I would fall off these glittery black stilettos and I wonder what they would do to your ankles, feet and posture – but I can appreciate them from afar as fabulous art. Captured by Ann Bennett in Continue reading