Meet Bound Feet Blues Q&A chair Beverley Glick (27 November 2015)

There are 3 Q&A sessions taking place during the Bound Feet Blues three week run. The first one will take place after the show on Friday 27 November 2015. We are delighted to welcome back Beverley Glick to chair this first Q&A of the full production. Beverley was our Q&A host for the showcase in October last year and steered us through the evening with quiet warmth. This first Q&A is going to be engaging and discursive with her in the chair again. So please do come and join us on Friday 27 November to see the show and take part in the discussion afterwards with Beverley, writer/ performer Yang-May Ooi and director Jessica Higgs.

Beverley Glick

Beverley Glick has been a professional storyteller for 35 years – first as a music journalist and pop magazine editor and subsequently in a variety of roles on national newspapers. In recent years she trained as a presence-based coach and now help individuals and business owners dig for the personal stories that will change their lives and change the world. She is also a public speaking coach, co-host a live storytelling event ( and the author of Dig for the Story in Your Soul – #StoryWisdom to help you author an authentic life (out now on Amazon).



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Tristan Bates Theatre
1A Tower St, Covent Garden WC2H 9NP

Tue 24 Nov – Sat 12 Dec, Tue – Sat at 7.30pm.
Tickets £16 / £12 concessions.
Q&As post-show, 27 Nov & 4 Dec.

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Meet Kristian Morgan, personal trainer to Bound Feet Blues writer/ performer Yang-May Ooi

Kristian Morgan is an unofficial member of the Bound Feet Blues team but he has the important role of working with writer/ performer Yang-May Ooi on her fitness and stamina for the challenging task of performing on stage for 5 nights a week over 3 weeks.

Kristian Morgan, personal trainer

Kristian is a freelance mobile personal trainer based in Dulwich, South London. He is a national ultra marathon 50k champion. He has completed over 50 marathons and ultra marathons (an Ultra is any distance greater than 26.2 miles). He is also an ironman triathlete but most of all he is a friendly approachable personal trainer.

He has been personal training in and around Dulwich since 2007 helping people achieve their goals, whether it’s been preparing for a marathon or just regular exercise. Continue reading

My favourite pair of hiking boots [Bound Feet Blues]

This pair of boots has taken me 200+ miles – along the South Downs Way and the Cotswold Way and more. It will soon clock 300 miles once we do St Cuthbert’s Way later this year…via Flickr

How to avoid Easter Bank Holiday traffic [Bound Feet Blues]

One of the things I love the most is going for walks in nature, roaming free under the power of my own two feet. We tried to drive out of London on the Easter Bank Holiday and got stuck in traffic not far from home – so we veered off to our local woods and had a leisurely walk. By not being attached to our destination, we could relax and discover a lovely afternoons walking wherever we found ourselves.

via Flickr

Why I love running in the rain [Bound Feet Blues]

Researching the crippling effect of bound feet on women in ancient China for my story performance Bound Feet Blues has made me appreciate the freedom I have as a modern woman have to enjoy the simple pleasure of going for a run

I went for a 3 mile run on Easter Sunday in the pouring rain and came back utterly drenched. You may not believe me but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Why such seeming madness?

Of course I’d prefer to run through a sunny landscape, with the warm sunshine on my face and the vibrant colours of spring bursting around me. But there’s something tactile and Continue reading