This page collects together videos of interviews with Yang-May Ooi as well as her TEDx talk and videos relating to Bound Feet Blues (eg highlights and Q&As)


1. Do our shoes shape who we are – and who we can be?

2. What LGBTQ stories can teach the world

3. Bound feet and the power of storytelling and writing from personal experience

4. More East Asian stories needed in UK mainstream media

5. Bound Feet Blues and the South East Asian (SEA) Arts Fest 2014

6. Yang-May Ooi’s TEDx Talk Nov 2013


1. Bound Feet Blues – Showcase Performance Highlights 13 Oct 2014

2. Bound Feet Blues – Q&A after the showcase performance 13 Oct 2014

with director Jessica Higgs and Q&A chair Beverley Glick

3. Bound Feet Blues – Conway Hall scratch night highlights 26 March 2014