Bound Feet Blues strides into London’s West End

I am super excited to report that we are taking Bound Feet Blues to London’s West End for a showcase performance in October!

I will be performing the full 75 mins version – for one night only – as a work-in-progress showcase at the Tristan Bates Theatre on Mon 13 Oct 2014 @8pm. This will present the full story, building on the draft extract that I tried out at Conway Hall in March and will take the piece to its full conclusion.

If you came along Conway Hall, you saw the piece end with me on my knees in defeat, with my heart as broken as the broken bound feet of my great grandmother in China. The upcoming showcase in October will lead these interwoven stories out from the darkness to new beginnings.

Come and see the show…

Bound Feet Blues – A Life told in Shoes (Work in Progress Showcase, with Q&A)
Mon 13 Oct 2014 @8pm – £11/£9
Tristan Bates Theatre
1A Tower St, Covent Garden, LONDON WC2H 9NP

Box Office: 020 7240 6283
Show Info:

=>BUY TICKETS ONLINE via the Tristan Bates website

There will be a Q&A after the show where you can ask questions and join in the discussion about the themes touched on by the show, so it would be great to see you there!


About Yang-May Ooi, Writer & Performer – Bound Feet Blues

Yang-May Ooi is a mixed media author & story performer. Her work explores the power of personal narrative to enchant, inspire and transform.  Bound Feet Blues is her first full length solo story performance.


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