This page lists articles BY Yang-May Ooi and other Miscellaneous Press/ Media references to Yang-May and/ or Bound Feeet Blues.  Also, here is a selection of headshots and portraits.

BY Yang-May Ooi

Please click on the links to go to the websites where the articles appear and/ or feel free to download the pdf versions.

The Legacy Of Yang-May Ooi – Bound Feet Blues – Sue Plumtree (The Life Enhancing Coach) Blog ¦ 22 Oct 2015 ¦ download pdf

Coming Out was an Act of Empowerment – Zusterschap 11 Oct 2015 ¦ download pdf

The Secret to Fearless Public Speaking – Ginger Public Speaking 08 Oct 2015 ¦ download pdf


Echo at the Bush Theatre, including Bound Feet Blues – Papergang Theatre 01 Nov 2015 ¦ download pdf


1. See the Gallery Page for a selection of rehearsal and performance photos

2. Below are headshots and portraits of Yang-May Ooi: