50% discount on Bound Feet Blues, the BOOK, for Book Groups

Yang-May’s publisher is offering a 50% discount to book groups who order 5 copies or more of Bound Feet Blues, the book. Find out more below…

Yang-May writes:

I’m thrilled that Matthew Smith of Urbane Publications is offering this hugely generous discount to book groups who want to read Bound Feet Blues. There are so many themes in the book that could offer up juicy discussions – around body image and fashion, family stories, what values and life lessons mothers pass down to daughters as well as footbinding and Chinese history.

To take advantage of the 50% discount, please email Matthew direct via matthew@urbanepublications.com 

The Q&A sessions after the show threw up all kinds of terrific discussions so I love it that we can offer something similar to readers of the book via the Book Group Discussion Pack. You can download it via this link:


And if you would like to arrange a virtual Q&A with me for your book group, we can sort something out via Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts.  You can contact me direct via the form below:

Bound Feet Blues



A third batch of superlatives from the audiences who saw Bound Feet Blues, the theatre work

We are delighted to share with you yet another batch of amazing audience responses to Yang-May Ooi’s theatre performance of Bound Feet Blues.

Powerful, funny & touching – Haliza Hashim-Doyle, TV3 Malaysia

Bound Feet Blues at Tristan Bates Theatre is both powerful polticial history and personal feminine odyssey brilliantly written and performed by Yang-May Ooi I understand tickets are going fast so grab them now – Daniel York, actor and theatre maker

What a performance! I was almost breathless watching and listening to her as she told us the story of bound feet, bound souls, bound lives that needed to be freed.  There sad, poignant moments and funny ones.  Those who have yet to watch it – do go.  – Zaharah Othman, journalist New Straits Times Malaysia

Wow!!! Brilliant performance of Bound Feet Blues. Laughter and tears and wow.

The blending of the personal and universal elements of women’s struggle was cleverly crafted. A tour de force performance which captured the audience’s attention throughout.

An incredible performance!

Yang-May writes:

I have been overwhelmed by all the warm and generous comments from audiences over the three week run. In particular, I am super chuffed by enthusiastic feedback from actors and theatre makers as well as those in the media and the diverse range of people who came to see the show. Thank you!


If you missed the show, you can still discover the story for yourself in the book. The book stands alone as a distinct work from the show.

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How Yang-May Ooi’s great grandmother with bound feet inspired Bound Feet Blues [video]

In the  video below, writer/ performer Yang-May Ooi tells the story of her great-grandmother that inspired her to write Bound Feet Blues.

Yang-May writes:

The show was only one hour long so I made certain artistic choices in portraying my great-grandmother in the theatre performance. Her story is incomplete in the show because I wanted the audience to stay with the moment of transformation rather than seeing how her story ends.

The book of Bound Feet Blues takes great-grandma’s story and extends and deepens it at the more leisurely pace that a long read can offer. So for those of you who Continue reading

28 Days in the Writing, A Lifetime in the Making – Bound Feet Blues, the BOOK [video]

Author Yang-May Ooi talks about how she was able to write the book, Bound Feet Blues – all 420 pages of it! – in 28 days.

This groundbreaking family and personal memoir was a lifetime in the making. The stories span several generations, going back to the young boy who was kidnapped by bandits and the young woman with bound feet who ran away from an unhappy marriage. Yang-May interweaves these ancestral tales with her own personal story as she learns what it takes to become her own woman.

In this video, she gives us a flavour of the book and shares her creative process in bringing these stories to life.

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URBANE PUBLICATIONS – special 25% discount code: shoes