Writer/ performer Yang-May Ooi unboxes Bound Feet Blues, the BOOK [video]

As an author, there’s nothing more exciting than receiving the author’s copies of your book. In this video, writer/ performer Yang-May Ooi unboxes the delivery of 12 author’s copies of Bound Feet Blues, the BOOK.

Yang-May writes:

The books arrived during the last week of rehearsals for the show. I got home late one evening and there the box was. I was exhausted and just wanted to sit down and have something to eat. But seeing that box there perked me up and I had to open it immediately! I felt like a little kid at Christmas – as you can see from the video…


The show ran from 24 Nov to 12 Dec 2015 at the Tristan Bates Theatre, in London’s West End. But don’t despair if you missed it – you can read the BOOK Bound Feet Blues, Yang-May’s unconventional memoir that explores in more depth the stories behind the story of the stage show. Find out more on the Book page or read the Blog.

TO BUY THE BOOK, click on the links below:




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