4+ Stars! Rave Reviews for Bound Feet Blues Showcase

The reviews are out for the Bound Feet Blues showcase performance on Monday night – and the show has been given 4+ Stars. As you can imagine, I am delighted!

Bound feet blues


The Public Reviews

The Public Reviews, UK

The theatre review online magazine The Public Reviews gave Bound Feet Blues a 4.5 star rating (out of 5 stars) and described the show as “powerful” and “beautifully performed and directed”. Read the review by Nichola Daunton:  “Bound Feet Blues – A Life Told in Shoes – Tristan Bates Theatre” (14 Oct 2014).

“With a tiny three inch foot being the ideal size and the process of binding and bone breaking beginning at the age of four, Yang-May’s performance as the mother of a small child who is just beginning the process is very powerful. The fact that Yang-May performs bare foot throughout the piece is also an interesting choice and is used to good effect to highlight both her restriction and her freedom as she discovers the person she is meant to be.”

Credit: Eldarin Yeong


Everything Theatre

Everything Theatre, UK

This theatre review site which bills itself as the  “honest and unpretentious guide to the London theatre scene”, gave Bound Feet Blues a 4 star review (out of 5). It described the show as “Engaging, eye-opening, funny and moving” and summed it up in one word: “Excellent” Read Hanna Gilbert’s review: Bound Feet Blues – A Life Told in Shoes, Tristan Bates Theatre. (16 Oct 2014)

“Ooi gives a truly fantastic performance, taking on a broad range of ‘characters’ from her family tree. With a very simple set and no props or costumes, Ooi portrays women of many different ages, from different historical periods and geographical locations. Not only are the character transitions crystal clear to watch, Ooi also manages to make each person recognisable, even when returning to a different point in their respective timelines. As key life events are played out, Ooi beautifully captures the intimate emotions of each character, giving the audience a first person view of their experiences. The dialogue includes phrases which repeat and develop, contrasting graphic descriptions of pain and suffering with humour and tales of love. In my opinion, this gives the play a certain rhythm, keeping the audience engaged from start to finish.”


About Yang-May Ooi, Writer & Performer – Bound Feet Blues

Yang-May Ooi is an award-winning TEDx speaker, bestselling author and story performer. Her work uses the power of personal narrative to inspire women to develop authentic confidence and become collaborative leaders. She is currently rehearsing a one woman story performance, Bound Feet Blues, which will be showcased in London’s West End in Oct 2014.

Twitter: @StoryGuru_UK Facebook: www.YangMayOoi.co.uk

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