Award-winning speaker and “story archaelogist” Beverley Glick to chair Bound Feet Blues Q&A

I am thrilled that the brilliant Beverley Glick has agreed to chair the Q&A after the showcase performance of Bound Feet Blues on Mon 13 Oct at the Tristan Bates Theatre.

Beverley is an award-winning speaker and “story archaeologist” who works with individuals and businesses to find their authentic stories. She is the co-founder of the cult storytelling club The Story Party where I started my storytelling adventure that led me to create Bound Feet Blues.


Photo by Rita Abreu


I got to know Beverley a couple of years ago from a public speaking course we both took part in and since then, I’ve seen her working with speakers as they develop their talks. She has a knack for digging into their stories, dusting aside the irrelevant details and finding the nugget at the core of their message. With Beverley as chair of the Q&A, I am looking forward to a juicy session!


Photo: from Beverley’s website, with thanks




About Yang-May Ooi, Writer & Performer – Bound Feet Blues

Yang-May Ooi is an award-winning TEDx speaker, bestselling author and story performer. Her work uses the power of personal narrative to inspire women to develop authentic confidence and become collaborative leaders. She is currently rehearsing a one woman story performance, Bound Feet Blues, which will be showcased in London’s West End in Oct 2014.

Twitter: @StoryGuru_UK Facebook:

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