You can be trained to walk perfectly poised in stilettos, says walking expert – High Heels Masterclass

I’ve been researching how the body moves when walking in high heels as part of the preparation for my solo show Bound Feet Blues. As I am performing the whole piece in bare feet, my aim is to give a flavour of the movements rather than walking in actual high heel shoes.

weak hip muscles

My Googling on the topic of walking in high heels took me to the Perfectly Poised website of a walking expert Martin Bell who offers a High Heels Masterclass. It looks like a brilliant service for all those women who would like to walk more elegantly in high heels – and without doing damage to their feet and physique.

I found his photos very interesting and helpful. It shows the “before traning and after training” movements of the body when walking in heels. I haven’t taken his masterclass but from the photos it looks like what he is saying is:

We tend to walk with a sideways hip movement in heels which presumably makes us more unstable and leads to misalignment of our posture. So after his masterclass,  we would be able to walk in a more aligned and stable way with the hips moving up and down rather than sideways.

For the purposes of my performance research, this has been useful in that I am trying out an up and down hip movement while walking on the spot in bare feet to give the flavour of a sexy stroll in high heels…

It’s not perfect yet and there is more practice and experimenting to go but I feel I’ve made a good start!


Yang-May Ooi is an award-winning TEDx speaker, bestselling author, story performer and coach. Her work uses the power of personal narrative to help creatives and others grow into confident, collaborative leaders. She is currently rehearsing a one woman story performance, Bound Feet Blues, which will be showcased in London’s West End in Oct 2014.

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