Writing for Performance is wildly different from Novel Writing – here’s why

Over on my main blog StoryGuru.co.uk, I’ve just written about the differences between writing for performance and writing novels. As a novelist, I had a steep learning curve working on the script for Bound Feet Blues and found lots to love about this fresh genre of story performance, and also lots that has been a challenge in terms of creating the text.

In contrast to 180,000+ for each of my novels, I have had to….


… write very succinctly for Bound Feet Blues, which has been a huge challenge!

 Given that Bound Feet Blues covers the social history of bound feet, the individual story of my great grandmother who had bound feet, stories passed down within my family mythology, my own personal story from childhood to the present AND takes place in China, Malaysia, Australia and England – it has been quite a challenge getting all that into 7,000 words…

You can read the full essay over at StoryGuru.co.uk – The Challenges of Writing for Performance – A Novelist’s Perspective



Yang-May Ooi - Writer/ Performer, Bound Feet Blues

About Yang-May Ooi, Writer & Performer – Bound Feet Blues

Yang-May Ooi is a mixed media author & story performer. Her work explores the power of personal narrative to enchant, inspire and transform.  Bound Feet Blues is her first full length solo story performance.


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