Super-Models risk injury walking in High Heels


I used to think it was just me – that I couldn’t walk in high heels. I don’t know how many times I’ve sprained my ankles over the years wearing heels, supposedly in order to look poised and elegant. And it is excruciating when that ankle twists over and you can feel and hear your ligaments go crack…

This YouTube video shows that even
Super Models who wear heels for a living find it hard sometimes to keep their balance. It’s billed as a funny video – but if you look beyond the cheap pratfall value, it is dreadful and excruciating in what it shows us about the pain and potential humiliation to be endured in the name of beauty.

Thanks to my pal Veronica for sending this video to me via Facebook. Ever since I started this project, Bound Feet Blues, I’ve had so many conversations about feet and high heels and shoes – and many of my friends are sending me stories and other information about shoes, feet and body image.

If you have anything you’d like to share about shoes and feet, please leave a comment..



Yang-May Ooi - Writer/ Performer, Bound Feet Blues

About Yang-May Ooi, Writer & Performer – Bound Feet Blues

Yang-May Ooi is a mixed media author & story performer. Her work explores the power of personal narrative to enchant, inspire and transform.  Bound Feet Blues is her first full length solo story performance.


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