My vision for Bound Feet Blues is as a pure form of storytelling

I have added a page to my blog giving the background to the development of Bound Feet Blues.

Bound Feet

My vision for the piece is as a pure form of storytelling with no costumes or props and minimal lighting and music or sound effects. As a child, I loved listening to the stories my mother and grandmother told about their lives and our family heritage and my aim in the way I tell my stories is to evoke that quality and feeling of an intimate, personal setting.

The idea for Bound Feet Blues has been with me for over a decade. I’ve tried writing it as a book and as a narrative poem but could never get any traction in those forms. It needs to be told live in the same way as I first heard the stories in it through being told them by my mother and grandmother. The spoken word form allows me to use my Malaysian accent as well as my English voice and to bring the voices of my family to life.

Read more via the link below

Photo: Bound feet – thanks to Dr John Bullas on (CCL)


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