How hard hearted can I be in Editing Bound Feet Blues?

I Finished the script of Bound Feet Blued a couple of weeks ago. Now be hard task of editing it begins.
I laid out all 25 pages of the script on the dining table so that I could see the flow of the story in one glance. Also, having it spread out in front of me means that I could see how each section relates to other sections.
Assuming three minutes per page, the script was running to about 75 minutes – which is the outside running time. My aim is to try and
reduce it by about 5 to 10 minutes if I can. This is likely to take me several attempts.
So, this first attempt, I looked through the whole script, searching for duplication – phrases and words that do no more than reinforce what I has already been said . I was also looking for redundancies – sentences that did not add anything to the story of meaning.

It was incredibly hard because, as the author, I am too close to the story and everything seemed relevant and important.
But I hardened my heart and ruthlessly cut as much as I could.
The result is that the script is down by three minutes, I think.
But I will have to come back at a further session and see what else can be tightened up…



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