Forget stiletoes and painful feet, ugly shoes are IN! [Bound Feet Blues]

Ever since I’ve been working on my story project Bound Feet Blues, I’ve been drawn to news and other matters to do with women’s feet and shoes – especially anything that hobbles us, limits movements and involves pain.

I am excited to see a Guardian report on the rise of ugly – but comfortable – shoes.

Street Style - Day 6 : Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

The article quotes Natalie Kingham, head of fashion at

“They are often called unsexy.. and maybe they are not men’s favourite shoe for women to wear, and they can look slightly orthopaedic, but they make you look cool. They offer a lot of comfort; you can run around in them. I think they will be around for a few seasons.”

Her reference to men’s tastes for what women should wear versus what women themselves might prefer to wear is telling – and a theme I explore in Bound Feet Blues!


Photo: from the Guardian article –—Day-6–Par-011.jpg

For more on Bound Feet Blues, see

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