Go Girl Guides! The ultimate feminists launch the “Free Being Me” badge to challenge unhealthy body talk [Bound Feet Blues]

The Guardian reports that the Girl Guides are launching a new badge “Free being me” to encourage young girls to have more confidence and a more positive sense of their own bodies:

“The charity believes girls are under intense pressure to look a certain way and hopes courses designed to unmask beauty myths, expose airbrushing and challenge unhealthy body talk will boost their confidence. Girls who complete the training will be awarded a “free being me” badge if they can show that they have taken up the mantle and worked on spreading the message in their schools and communities.”

Read the whole article at http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/mar/20/girlguiding-body-confidence-badge-guides

Girlguiding's new body confidence badge

I feel very strongly that a sense of shame and self-worthlessness permeates our identity as women, either externally imposed on all of us  or internalised by some women – and it has done so for milllenia. It underlies the tradition of footbinding in China and although that tradition is now thankfully gone, I fear that this deep seated issue still remains embedded in our attitdues – even in Western cultures where women have been able to take their place in the world with greater power and freedom.

So I see this new badge being offered by the Girl Guides as another brilliant light in the darkness!

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Photo: from the same Guardian article

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