Fascinating X-ray photo of a woman’s contorted foot in stilletoe heels [Bound Feet Blues]

It looks almost like torture. The bones in the foot sit in an excruciating 90-degree bend and the nails in the stiletto make it look like some medieval tool of pain. This is a woman in high heels, photographed not with normal visible light, but with high-energy x-ray radiation of the sort doctors use to examine broken bones.

That’s the description in this Guardian article about the photo below, by art photographer Hugh Turvey

Photograph of a woman's foot in a stiletto
I’m excited to find this image and to learn about … Turvey’s work as you can imagine. This is a haunting image that will inform my preparation for my full length story piece Bound Feet Blues.

In the story, I draw the parallel in my own life of wearing high heels with the foot binding tradition in China – and how both may be erotically empowering but also diminishing of the female at the same time.

You can read the full article about Turvey’s Xray photography via the link below:

X-ray photography that shows the world in a whole new light | Art and design | The Observer


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